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User Administration
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If you are an admin you can edit, add, and delete users on your AffiniPay account.

Editing and Deleting Users

  1. Click your name in the top right corner

  2. Select Settings from the drop down menu

  3. Click on the Edit or Delete button next to the sub-user's name


After clicking the Edit button you can adjust the user's abilities and edit their account and transaction access.

Adding Users

Follow steps 1 and 2 from above and click Add User. From here, you can limit the user's abilities and which accounts they have access to. Information on the individual abilities are below:

  • Administrator - Includes all abilities

  • Collect Payments - Can run payments in AffiniPay

  • Schedule Recurring Charges - Can create scheduled payments

  • Void Transactions and Issue Refunds - Can cancel and refund transactions

  • Tag Transactions - Can add tags to transactions

  • View Reports - Can run all reports in the Reporting section of the AffiniPay dashboard

  • Developer - Includes access to the Developer section of the AffiniPay dashboard

  • Manage Quick Bills - Can send and edit Quick Bills.

  • View Statements - Can access monthly statements

The last setting on this page is Transaction Access where you can limit which transactions the user has access to. If "Restrict access to transactions created by this user" is selected, the user will be unable to see transactions created by other users.

Please note once the user has confirmed their email address within our system the admin is no longer able to change the email address. The user will need to log into AffiniPay to change their email address.

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